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Timber drying

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The deformation of the ends of the timber due to uneven drying in the radial and tangential direction

It does not do any building production, and the main source for them is wood without lumber. Felled tree contains a lot of moisture, which impairs the technical properties of the wood, it can be rotten, broken its structure. Therefore, before the use of wood in the case of most of the moisture it should be previously removed to obtain a dry timber. It is much more durable, it weighs less and has a high resistance to wear. Well seasoned wood perfectly amenable to milling and grinding, it has a clean cut.

For guests, there is this drying lumber, in which wood is dried to a certain degree of humidity, which corresponds to the operating conditions of structures erected or certain products. Drying is a must and an important step for any woodworking industry. It is of two kinds: natural (natural drying of lumber we were told in the article “Atmospheric drying and storage of Softwood Lumber”), when the timber is dried in the open air, or artificial. Natural drying disadvantage is that its process timber can be deformed and lose some of their properties. Therefore, to date, to remove moisture from the wood used for lumber drying kilns with automatic control.
The use of dryers allows you to clearly observe all the parameters work: pre-exposed temperature conditions depending on the kind of wood, humidity level, the degree of air circulation and time to dry. The most popular and common are convection, condensation and vacuum drying ovens.


Convective drying chamber


Vacuum drying chamber


Condensation drying chamber

The advantages of convective dryers are easy drying process, easy maintenance and relatively low capital cost of acquisition and maintenance.
Vacuum dryers are used for drying solid wood and hardwood in the case where the drying rate is important. These cameras require a fairly significant capital vlozheniya.Kondensatsionnye cameras are ideal in the case where the focus when choosing a dryer made in favor of the low cost of the camera. However, it should be borne in mind that the wood drying period in such a chamber is significantly increased.

Thus, the choice of method for drying wood drying equipment and the corresponding dependent on several factors: the species composition of lumber, energy costs, the efficiency of the drying chamber and the working environment.

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