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18Wood – the first ornamental and building material, which began to use people. Despite the emergence of more and more new building materials, wood for all its long history, still not lost its relevance. And even on the contrary, every year the timber is becoming popular and more expensive.

Wood is used as a feedstock for the production of more than twenty thousand products and products. It serves as a building and finishing materials, raw materials for crafts and household items. Furniture made of wood (especially of the elite varieties of wood) is very much appreciated and is much more expensive products from other materials. Despite the increased popularity of plastic windows in our country, wooden windows are more environmentally friendly. A timber properties such as ease of handling, possess rather higher specific resistance compared with aluminum or steel, and much lighter in weight than steel and bricks, and the ability to “breathe”, making the material in room 1 low building and finishing work.

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