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Dry timber

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Such a building material as wood is known from the old times. Even to this day he does not lose its relevance. And this is not surprising, because the wood has lots of positive qualities, such as durability, natural plasticity. Inside the wooden houses even breathe in a special way.

What is a dry timber?

14Sawn timber – timber products obtained by sawing the trunks of trees of different species. During this process produced timber, edged, unedged. Cutting boards softwood widely used for interior decoration, floor covering, installation of partitions, for the production of windows, doors.
For the production of furniture is recommended to buy a timber of dry wood such as beech, ash, maple and oak. Their distinguishing features – it is the strength and hardness. Products from these woods for a long time retain good-quality texture.

This material is widely used for the production of flooring and genital arrays. Despite the fact that recently there was a sufficient amount of polymer materials, dried wood continues to be highly valued and in demand. This great achievement of its environmental performance.

Dry timber for frame houses and more

17Dry timber – a special kind of lumber, which is used at any stage of construction. Beam can be used as a support structure when building frame houses.
Given that the design data is particularly important, it is only necessary to use high-quality, dry timber.
To say that a dry timber special – to say nothing. He’s unique, delightful and surprising in their qualities. It merged the natural properties of wood and its modern processing technology, which today gives everyone the opportunity to get a great result builder. Perhaps this is why other analogues do not exist.
It has long been leaders in sawnwood production is considered to Finnish companies. But now Ukrainian producers have in their arsenal of modern western technology.

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